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It was a dark and stormy night. A monstrous colic was shattering my bowels. I had no painkillers in the house and I had already found out that slow motion movement is miraculous for joint pain and baldness, but it does nothing for a stomachache.
Meditation and self-listening helped me bear the pain, but they weren't able to eliminate it. It was clear that a titanic battle was raging inside me in which my organs were trying to find balance. In order to render the conflict less painful, I had to find an effective method of intervention.
Traditional Chinese medicine sees the body as a network of canals where the male energy yan and the female energy yin flow. Illness is the result of an imbalance of these two energies. Along the canals, there are points, which manipulated, work like faucets and allow to regulate the flow of energy, thus restoring balance to the afflicted organs. If I had been an able acupuncturist, I could have used a very fine needle to remove the energetic cause of the colic and stop the pain right away.
Unfortunately, I wasn't. Then I got an idea. For years now, I am convinced that the body communicates its needs to the rational mind, preferably through pleasure. It resorts to pain only if there is no other possibility. I thought then that if I had explored my body, massaging it centimetre by centimetre, I would have found along the energetic canals, the pleasurable points to massage. These points would have been the right faucets to manipulate in order to placate the energetic storm that was grinding me to pieces.
If I had massaged those points one by one, until the pleasurable sensation lasted, I would finally have restored balance in my stomach. Essentially, it dealt with doing a massage under dictation.
I wanted to rely on my biological body's wisdom and follow the suggestions that it would give me through pleasurable sensations.
I started. It wasn't easy because the pain was strong. I started from my toes and I began to find the points that sent me slightly pleasurable signals, which by insistence, would intensify. I tried to touch every area in different ways, lightly caressing, pressing, rubbing and scratchin... until I found a way that gave me some pleasure. After about 5 minutes, I felt that the pain was loosening its bite. I continued for another half-hour, and finally
and I fell asleep. Since then, I have tried this technique many times on myself. I haven't had colic for three years and I have found it useful for a whole series other ailments connected with the poor functioning of the organs (obviously, I recovered from gastritis also because I modified my anxious way of seeing life and I gave up working in a stressful way).
It's as plain as the nose on your face.
The only problem is that it can't be practiced on others because only you can know exactly how you like it at what point, moment by moment. I admit that my own testimony of this technique isn't sufficiently convincing. However, you have to admit that the idea of being able to cure yourself by following the messages of pleasure sent by the biological body is fascinating (as well as ancient). Try it. Surely, you don't risk harming yourself. If it works, drop me a line. Every medicine needs volunteer guinea pigs.


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